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Standard Features Built in to Your Site

Standard Features

Standard Features

In today’s market it matters more than ever that you have a website that looks as good as your business is.  On top of that, you need a site that makes owning one and running it is as stress free as possible. We feel the same way, and that is why we offer most of the needed things that set a professional site and a started site at NO extra charge.

  • Hosting: We have about 5 gigs for every client in our database, but the way we see it. If you need more space then so do we.  As long as you are running a normal site and not using the space for file sharing or saving your DVD collection I don’t see us having problems
  • Custom Domain: While we do offer a package where we offer subdomains, we think people should have a custom domain if they can.  That is why 98% of the time we opt for the domain.  It might cost a little extra but in the world of social media and brand recognition having the domain name helps out.
  • CMS: This is a Content Management System, it is what allows you to add pages, edit pages and blog whenever you have time. All this without having to call in to our customer support for the changes.   99% of all sites we do are on a CMS!
  • Pages: You will see some (a LOT) of companies charging $100 and more for every page you need added to your site!  To use, this is a major thing we want to change as pages can be made by you and should be free. After all, you are paying for a site, why pay extra to be able to display the information you need clients to see?
  • Being submitted to search engines:  Ok,  we do use a program that does the work for us, but there are two facts that most web design companies don’t want you to know. I am sure we are going to get evil looks for this but here they are. 1: Search Engines find your site, so there is no real need to submit to them. 2: Submitting to Search Engines IS FREE!  Yes, Google does not charge for this and it only takes 5 minutes of your time.  Bonus Fact: There is NO NEED to submit your site more than once!
  • Image Gallery: This goes along the same idea of added pages, sometimes you just need to show off your work. After all a picture is worth a 1000 words.  So we build on in to every site! This way you don’t have to ask for it latter.
  • Search Engine Optimization:  At some point every business owner is going to need or want this.  Having an optimized site in our mind is not just for search engines; after all they are not the only ones that see your site.  So we optimize every site we build to make sure its onsite optimization is a building block for your business.
  • Website Statistics: Some people charge anywhere from $50 to $400 a month for this!!  That is Crazy! First of all, Google offers a analytics tool that most people would be 100% happy with, but we have stepped it up a bit and do not use a 3rd party for this information. After all, the server really does the work and we just give you a way to see the information.  What kind of information?
    • What people searched to find you
    • What domain the came to your site from
    • What Search Engine The user used
    • What pages were looked at
    • How often and what search engines crawled your site   

There are other things we offer our clients at no extra charge but I am sure you are getting the point.  We want to offer you as much as possible at a very fair rate.

If you feel your site is missing some feature that we have not yet added, please let us know.  After we get so many requests for something we find a way to program that in to the site so all users can enjoy it.