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Fully Customized Repair Website

Fully customized websites are perfect for larger business that has the time and money to invest in a site; on top of that they are fully customized site so the look and feel of the site is 100% unique to your business.
With a fully customized site you will get:

A unique domain name (
Work with designer to build your site from the ground up!
Be able to add as many pages as you want
100% control of your site, files and domain

Full support from Repairman Now
Instructions on how to

  • Update pages
  • Add pages
  • Add Images
  • Do blog post

Added in to our personal business directory


Just Install And Setup WordPress For You

Just install and set up WordPRess For you

Just install and setup WordPRess For you

Most of the time this can be done in just a few hours. We will make sure your server is able to run WordPress and make sure your site is set up to use its own database to help ensure that site runs are its best all the time.

We will then install and set up WordPress for you, and give you a few themes to pick from.

After that, we will also add some needed plugins that will help you get the most out of your site, such as.

  • Contact Form
  • SEO Plugin
  • Site Stats
  • Aute Google Sitemap
  • MORE

Then we will go over all the settings and make sure things are all set up and ready for you to add content and start blogging.

If you dont not have hosting and a domain please contact us and we will make sure you get a hosting company that is just right for you.

  • Old Price: $200.00
  • Price: $150.00
  • You save: $50.00
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Fully Customized Repair Website

Fully Customized Repair Website

Fully Customized Repair Website

Ready for a fully custom site?

This is the plan for you, with this package you will be able to get a full running site that will fit your business needs!

Repairman’s custom CMS sites are the best way to have a custom site that can be upgraded and maintained over time.  Getting a well built site is just the first step in getting a building your business and keeping it active online.  In today market businesses need to regularly update their site to enhance the content and keep it reagent in today’s busy world.

Unlike many other webdesign companies we have a few things we do not like to limit when our clients get a site from us, first and for most the number of pages you get.  Now we will only set up a set number of pages and for most that will be more than needed, but in the event you need more pages we show you how to make and add them to your site as needed.  In a seance you get as many pages as you want with out being limited.

What do we offer?

  • CMS Website (Content Management System)
  • Full custom web design built from the ground up
  • FREE revisions to make sure you are happy with the design
  • Unlimited pages, a small fee if you want us to add them (Service Plans)
  • Able to manage your site 24 hours a day
  • Search Engine friendly design and coding

What do our sites offer?

We are NOT just a webdesign company, we also offer a lot of SEO service, but we believe that on site SEO is something that should be built in to every site we make.  Not only does SEO matter, but being able to do specific task from your site is also something we think should be built in, that is we offer the following in every site!

  • Auto sitemap generation
  • Blog/News feed
  • Linking to Social Media such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube
  • Custom contact form’s (Get lead,feed back and answer support questions)
  • Live Stats! See how many people have been to your site and where they are coming from!

If picking that package we want this to be a one time payment for those that want it to be, that is why after you buy this product we will contact you to go over the buying of a domain and hosting for you site, but if you would like you can also have us take care of it and we will bill you every month.

But we will talk about that latter, just know that hosting and domain are NOT part of this package and you will need to get that before we can start working on your site.

See Service Plans for more information.


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