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How to manage your comments

Now that you are blogging, you will soon get comments and it is important to remember that not all comments are real.

We have added in a few safe measures to try and help stop spam comments from getting to your site, but nothing is perfect and you will have to manage the comments to make sure they are real.

On top of that, no comments will be added to the site until you approve them.   Before you do that, I would like to go over what a spam comment looks like.

Most spam comments have names that are in no way a real name, you will see something like some of the following.

  • Bingo
  • Set Takım
  • paxil 20
  • Samsung blackjack
  • Free casino games for cash and prizes
  • Document Management System Software

Another thing that shows the comments are spam is when they have nothing to do with what you posted.  When the comments have links that are linked to sites you want nothing to do with.  When the comments have links that are linked to sites you don’t want, delete them.

To manage your comments

  1. Make sure you are at the “Dashboard”
  2. Click on “Comments” on the left hand side
  3. Now you will see a list of comments people have posted
  4. Hover over the comments you think are real and push the approve link
  5. If you think they are spam, hit the trash link

Read more about what spam comments are and why you might see them in your site HERE

comments link

This is where you will go to edit your comments on your site

list of comments

It is important to remember to not approve spam comments, and replay to the real ones.