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How To Make and Edit a Blog Post on your WordPress Site

If you upgraded to having the blog added to your site, then you will be able to blog on your site as much as you would like.  This gives you the ability of having a news feed for your company.

 Here are the steps for posting a new blog.

  1. Make sure you are in the “Dashboard”
  2. Go to “Post” on the left hand side
  3. Under “Post” you will see a little blue link called “Add New”, click on that

This brings you to a spot with two boxes, one with the title, “Enter title here” and the other is a big open box with nothing in side of it.

Making a Title

Your title matters a lot when doing a blog post, not only does it let the user on your site know what the post is about but it also lets search engines know what the blog post is about.

Lets say you have a site about puppies, and you want to do a blog post about a new save the puppies Foundation.  Your title should be something like this.

“New York Starts a New Foundation to Save The Lives of Homeless Puppies”

Doing the Blog Post

Now you are ready to start writing in the blog post. Under the title in the big empty box, you will start talking about what was stated in the title.

Here are a few simple rules to follow when making a blog post.

  1. Most of all, keep it friendly and think as if you were talking to people
  2. Give people information is the best way to get to come back
  3. Try to make your post a minimum of 300 words
  4. Try to not to go over 800 words, as most people don’t want to read that much.
  5. Try to end each post in a question, this makes it so people are more likely to comment and in turn making your post more alive

One more thing to remember, blogging is like a news feed and at times your post may no longer be the best information.  When this happens, do not delete the old posts. Just make a new one.  It is a good thing to have all your old post on the site, this shows history and that you are updating your site.

link to post

Click on post to see all the post on your site, this is also where you will have to go to edit the and add post on your site

add new post inks

When in the posts area of your site, there are two “Add New” buttons that you can click on, both of them do the same thing. Click on one to add a new blog post to your site

adding new blog post

After clicking “Add New” you will see this box, here you will have to enter a title and fill in the box that will be the blog post.

publish button

Do not forget to publish your work! All you have to do is click the publish button and your site will now have the new page you have just made.