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Adding an Image to a Page or Post

While you are changing content on your page or posts you may feel the need to add an image or two. To do this follows the steps below, but first make sure you are in the edit mode of the page or post you want to add the image to.

  1. Place your pointer at the beginning on a paragraph and click
  2. Now you will see a little button that says “Add Media” above the text box, click on that.
  3. This will give you a little popup and at the top you will see “Insert Media”, and under that there will be two options
    1. “Upload Files”: This is where you can add new images to the server
    2. “Media Library”: This is where you can use images you have already uploaded
    3. Click “Upload Files”
    4. You will see a button called “Select Files” in the center of your screen, click that.
    5. Now you have a normal little pop up, and this is where you will find the image you want to use on your computer.
    6. After finding the image, click “Open”
    7. Make sure you click on the image and you will see a few things to the right
      1. Title
      2. Caption
      3. Alt Text
      4. Description
      5. Alignment
      6. Link to
      7. Size
      8. There are really 4 things you will want to change here
        1. Title : (Should be a few words about the image)
        2. Alt Text : (Should be a few words about the image)
        3.  Alignment : (Pick if you want the image to float LEFT or RIGHT)
        4. Link to : (Most of the time you will want this to be nothing)

10. Now you are ready to insert the image to your page or post by clicking “Insert into page/post”

Uploading Multiple Images To WordPress

Now, if you have a lot of images you know you will use often on the site, you can go to “Media” on the left hand side and upload as many images as you might use.

  1. First get all the images you want to upload to your sever space in one place.
  2. Click on “Media” on the left hand side
  3. Now click on “Add New” next to “Library”
  4. Now you have two ways to upload images
    1. 1: Drop files where it says “Drop files Here”
    2. 2: Push the “Select Files” button

i.     Now you will have a popup
ii.     In this box select the images you want to upload
iii.     Click “Open” and the computer will start uploading the image to your site

  1. Please note that uploading images in this way does NOT add them to any pages, but just allows you to use them later.
add media button

When you want to add an image to your post/page click the Add Media Button

upload file

In the window after Add Media, make sure you are on Upload Files

drop or slect file

You are able to add images by dropping them from your computer or simply clicking Select Files and finding them on your computer.

check image you want to add

After uploading, make sure the image you want to add is checked, now look to the right to edit information about the image.

image settings

In the settings you will want to make sure you edit 4 things all the time. Add a Title and Alt Text. This is just a few words about the image. Then pick an Alignment, that should be left or right. And if you dont want the image to link to anything make sure you mark “Link To” as none.

insert image on post or page

That it, not you just need to click this button to insert the image on your post/page.