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Why All Small Businesses Need a Good Professional Web Site

After years of being in web design, and dealing with hundreds of clients we have been told EVER reason why a company either does not want a website or does not need a better website.   Deep down when I hear some of the reasons I know it because of how they have been mistreated in the past. Often a small business will go with a cheaper design company to save some money and in turn do not get the customer support they hand out to their clients.  This is something that happens all too often and tends to turn people away from touching their website even if they NEED a new one.


My first thing that comes to mind it to tell you how we are different, but I am guessing if you are here you are doing your research as a business owner and need to know why  YOU need a site.

First Thing First – A Good Design

Design matters more than you think, in fact MOST people will not read what is on your site if the design is bad.  This will make you lose contact with could be clients.  Think about it, when you are searching for a company to clean your carpet (as I did last week) would you pick the company that has a RED background with flashing words all over the place?  Me: I went with a company that had a clean site and made it easy for me to find information and fill out a contact form so someone could call me back. To bottom line it, if your web site does not look clean and easy to use, people will go back to Google/Yahoo/Bing to find a company that looks good.

Second – I am not a tech company

So many times I hear people saying “we do not sell online”, “we are just a small business” or “I don’t think my company needs the overhead of a site”.   This is the core of it, people think having a website is going to cost more than it saves them and take up to much time.  This can be very true, but don’t forget that your site is only as good as the designer. (HINT: WE ARE GOOD) More than that, a site should be designed from the ground up to save you time and money.

To have a web site, your company does not need to sell online or be a large business.  Web sites are designed to take some of the stress away from answering the basic questions over and over.  More than that, web sites build TRUST with people searching for your products.  

Some Internet Statistics

  • 78% of the American do research before pursuing a transaction
  • Most people will look for prices and services online
  • Show your reviews, over 80% of people asked will look for reviews from real people on your site before contacting you
  • MOST OF ALL: Clients are searching for you, you are NOT searching for them

Having a website again can save you time, for one people can use a built in contact form so they can email you a question, people can see what products you offer and what price you offer saving you from answering phone call after phone call, you can have a “FAQ” page to answer many of the basic questions you are asked every day.

Let’s give you an example

Say your company installs pool pumps, and you get calls nonstop about how the settings should be or how to change something basic like a filter. Well, with a web site you are able to give proper directions and show images as to what to do. Then with every pump you install you are able to tell people about your site, and let them know about the information is on there.

This does two major things.

  • 1: It makes you the client’s main point of information and gives you a chance to SHOW the client other services you offer!
  • 2: This saves you on the calls, allowing you to keep working and make it home in time for dinner.

Phone books are at their END OF LIFE

Yes, it’s true and even they know it.  Think to yourself, when was the last time you picked up the Yellow Book? If you are like 89% of people in America it was just to move it from the drive way in to the house where it will now site for the next 6 months until a new one comes out. People are searching online and if you are not online you are losing business.

It is time to show off a little

What? No one likes a show off?  Tell that to the company I had put in my new floor. YES, pictures can tell a thousand words and when I saw the great work a company did I had to call them to set up an apartment ASAP!  See, having a website is more than giving information and having a point of contact. It allows you as a business to show just how good you really are.

In fact, this can help you get ahead of bigger companies.

Having a profile is NOT a website

OK, if you are lucky you have got a page or profile on someone’s site and it gives you some traffic. I see this a lot with fishing companies.  They get business from the lodges that talks about charter boat companies that are around them.

Some people even think having a Facebook Page (LIKE US) will do the trick. There are two different problems here.

  • 1: Your business is at the hands of another company and YOU are not getting to show your company off in the way you want to.
  • 2: You won’t come up for that many, if any local search results.

Did you know Google has shown that over 70% of people searching, are searching for something like this?

Break repair in New York

Yes, we tend to add the city or state to our search when looking for a service. If you are on Facebook, that is GREAT, but it does not help if that page does not show up in search results.

OK, I think you get the idea, if you are a small company you do need a site.  If you happen to have any questions please comment below and we will be more than happy to answer any questions.

Are you ready for a website?

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