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Repairman Now is coming soon!

After years in internet marketing and web design I have seen one problem that many companies or people working out of their home are facing.  Not everyone has the money to start a full one repair website.

I have talked to people from computer repair, home repair and car repair; all of them just don’t have the money but could really use a website to help their business grow.  That is where repair man now is going to come it, we are going to offer smaller web sites at a small month to month fee.

YES: the need to have $2000 to $5000 upfront for a website will be gone but we will do one better than that, we are also going to give you the tools to help you FIND more clients!

If you want to grow more than that, we will also offer cheap SEO service to help you build rankings in search engines like Yahoo, Google, Bing and Ask!

But don’t worry, I am not a sales person and will never try to sale you something that you don’t need. If all you need it a website than that is all that we will give you.


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