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How Having A Website Can Benefit A Repairman

Repairman Web Guy

Repairman Web Guy

Ever heard the phrase, “Companies today are born global”? This applies to individual sole proprietors as much as it does to start up firms. The reason? Simple, the internet. With billions of people using the internet today, and a growth rate that is exponential, it is imperative for you to have an online presence if you want to survive, let alone strive.

The benefits of having a website are several. Think about how you yourself look for services. You may ask a few close friends, perhaps even your relatives. It is very likely, if not certain, that you will look for services online. Why? Well, you can find several options in a few minutes and you can see an individual’s credibility by the reviews/testimonials. Most websites tend to have something of the sort. A considerable number of sites tend to have teams responsible for quality assurance of the ads being listed. So unlike a notice on a local grocery store, which could be a scam, the chances of this happening online are slim – depending on the source/site you use of course.

Now think about that which you read in the previous paragraph, but in the context of your services and your clientele. People will look for services online. Notice that for every minute that you’re not online, you’re losing money. Why? Because you’re losing a significant number of leads/opportunities by not being present online. You probably have the utmost integrity for providing a high quality service. Perhaps your service is significantly better than your competitors and you should tell your clients that! You can even have your existing/previous clients come on to your website here and provide reviews.

Once you are online, the options literally are endless. Sure you will have to put in some effort, but that’s if you’re doing it on your own. Why not let us do the work for you? For as little as $29.99 per month, you could have your own website up and running. Include the link to the website on your print/offline ads – you can be sure that your customers will visit. It also makes it significantly easier for your customers to recommend your services. All they will have to do is point their friends to your website! You can also review the services customers look for online the most and then have us tailor your website for that! Once you’ve got a website, you can even use social media marketing to get your site going viral. More customers, more revenue, more profit, more growth – what more could a repairman ask for?

Still unsure? How about we show you the benefits? Click here.

2 Responses to “How Having A Website Can Benefit A Repairman”

  1. repairman says:

    If anyone has questions, please feel free to contact us to find out how east it is to get your own website!

    • Mike says:

      Thank You James!

      I just got off the phone with him and can’t wait until we start working on my new site for the new year!

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