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Frequently Asked  Questions

A) We specialize in digital marketing for repair businesses, maximizing the reach of small businesses on the internet through website creation and social media.
A) We focus on a wide variety of repair businesses and services. Anything from auto and home repair to computer and furniture repair. If you fix stuff, then we can help you!
A) Whether it’s a subscription site or a full custom site, we empower you to make changes when ever you like. We make it simple for you!
A) Depending on what kind of website you have there is probably a built in stats page on the back end that will show you how many hits you have. Also, there are several programs which can provide in depth analysis of your website traffic
A) There are several free websites that will evaluate your SEO and W3C compliance. If you’re not ranking, that could be a good indication that your site is not SEO compliant.
The more the better! blogging once a day is a good amount.
A) Blog about your industry but don’t be afraid to branch out and blog about other things that your audience may be interested in.
A) Engagement is key to growing your social media audience. We don’t recommend buying fake fans!
A) Social media is instrumental for driving traffic to your website.
A) Yes Facebook, unlike many review sites, gives you complete control over your content.
A) Depending on which review site, control of your reviews are limited. If the review is untrue or its sole intent is to malign your business, you can petition to have it removed. If the review is a legitimate review, the best thing to do is to respond addressing the complaint in a professional manner. This shows potential costumers that you care about your customer’s experience.

What if I want to add pages to my site?

After buying a site with Repairman Now, you will get a username and password that will allow you to login to our custom back-end. The back-end was built just to help you manage your new website!

What is in the custom back-end?

In this back-end, you will find a few very useful documents and videos that will show you some of the following.


  • How to edit content on a page
  • How to add an extra pages to your site (20 page limit / more may cost extra)
  • How to do a blog or a news post
    • Why you should post to the blog and news
    • How this will be your own form of SEO
    • How to change your email and phone number on your site
    • How to add a video to your site
  • Why you need your own YouTube Page
  • How to use social media such as Twitter & Facebook
    • Why you need social media
    • How to set-up Twitter
    • How to set-up Facebook


  • Copies of our contracts
  • How to set up Twitter
  • How to set up a Facebook Fan Page
  • How to post to Craigslist
  • How to get your business in Google Maps

What else do you offer and does it cost extra?

We offer a LOT more to our customers and most of that is only available to those who have a contract with us.  In fact, the only thing offered to those that are not customers of ours, is being placed in our directory.

Let’s get back to what we offer our clients, and if it costs extra. Other than what is offered in our basic contract, here are a few things that we can offer to you.

What we offer for free:

  • Full support for your website
  • Craigslist templates
  •  Phone support
  • Email support
  • A CRM system
  • Custom changes to your site
  • SEO suggestions
  • Social Media help
  • And MORE

What we offer at an extra charge:

  • Content for your site
  • Business cards
  • Twitter set up
  • Custom URL
  • Facebook business page set up
  • SEO services such as
    • Link Building
    • Promoting your YouTube Videos
    • Sponsoring Videos
    • Promoting your Twitter Page (get you followers)
    • Promoting your Facebook page (get you Facebook likes)
    • Keyword research
  • Much More!

How long are your contracts?

We offer a few different contracts for our clients. This helps up find a contract that will fit you best.  It is worth noting that the longer a contract you sign, the more money you will save.

Here are the lengths of contracts we offer

  • Month-to-Month
  • 2 Month
  • 6 Month
  • 1 Year

We suggest people start off with the 2 month package and get to see the benefit to having a custom site. This will help you to build trust in us and show you the value of having a custom site.

On other business ventures, we have also see it as a benefit for people to go from month-to-month, this allows for you as a client to keep the month-to-month cost of your  business down and more money in your company.